ICOC Boosts Drilling Capabilities

(Saturday 09 01 16)

TEHRAN, Jan. 09 (Shana) -- Iran is preparing for the post-sanctions era by expanding its industrial and technical capabilities in all sectors including the petroleum industry. Likewise the Iranian Central Oil Company (ICOC) has boosted its drilling capabilities and has set new records in the field.

The ICOC director of technical affairs says the company has enhanced its drilling capabilities and has reduced the number of days needed for installation of an oil rig by at least 1,500 days. 

Ahmad Rajabi told Shana that ICOC used to spend nearly 2,000 days for installation of an oil rig in 2013 which has diminished to 490 days.
60% of ICOC's activities concern drilling operations, he said.
He further said the company has drilled 18.6 meters of wells on a daily basis during the past 9 months.
ICOC currently operates 12 drilling rigs and does not have any plans for expansion of its operations, Rajabi added.

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