Our Divisions

Tech Sonic & Nivar Sanat Pars is committed to being the leading applications developer of advanced decontamination and cleaning technologies for heavy industry. We are committed to fundamental research and development along with strong marketing and business development fundamentals to support our growing global client base.


Research and Product Development

As a leading technology development group, R & D is vital to our company’s growth and success. Our dedicated team of Engineers and Scientists work synergistically to constantly refine and improve our applications.in this dedicated facility.

The Tech Sonic R&D facility provides crucial testing and experimentation capacity as well as a full machine shop for prototype development. With a range of vessel sizes, as well as a full lab and dedicated team of researchers, the R&D facility provides us with the on-going ability to “better the mousetrap”.

Business Development

Marketing is also based in this facility, allowing collaboration with the BD team readily. The marketing team works feverishly to develop new and innovative tools to help not only promote TSI & NSP  applications but also to provide technical support to the field where our applications are deployed.

 Our business has been focused on descaling of Refinery, Petroleum and Power Plant industries’ facilities and equipment. Based on using Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology beside of any methods parallel of that. According to field researchers on these industries in Iran _as one of the poles of Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Power Plant industries in the Middle East_ spend a huge costs on overhauling time, water consumption, corrosion affect, manpower, Transportation, more damage, because of using traditional method for descaling, etc. For this reason our company intend to deployment any method to be able to reduce costs. 

Accordingly one of the favorite methods is Ultrasonic Cleaning that has many benefits as bellow:

  • Time & Water saving
  • Less destruction
  • Human resources saving
  • More efficiency
  • More accuracy
  • Increasing component life