Custom Solutions

The Sound Tech Sonic & Nivar Sanat Pars Process
Our applications are not simply ultrasonic cleaning tanks. We design, engineer and manufacture powerful submersion vessels that have one focal outcome – remove heavy contamination and fouling from critical process equipment better than any conventional cleaning process.

How is this accomplished? The following are the base criterion used in TSI & NSP applications

  • Design and engineer solutions around a client’s needs. Capacity and power requirements vary by client. Deliver the solution best for the site. The “big hammer” theory does not always work.
  • Integrate leading interfaces and electronics to advance operator usability.
  • Integrate powerful patented ultrasonics hardware to generate maximum targeted energy levels.
  • Utilize specific metals in the vessel to enhance ultrasonic activity through better reflectivity.
  • Utilize specifically designed chemistries in the Tech Sonic vessel to optimize the cleaning process.
  • Develop cleaning protocols to reduce cleaning times and enhance uptime.

The performance of TSI & NSP applications is greatly enhanced by a committed team of Research and Development specialists focused on bettering the cleaning process. Quality improvements and next stage developments are only achievable through a committed R & D plan.

Each of TSI & NSP's applications are custom-designed to ensure better cleaning performance.