Ultrasonic Cleaning agency

After months of negotiations finally Nivar Sanat Pars Co.(NSP) & Tech Sonic International (TSI), builders of the largest industrial class ultrasonic applications for the Oil and Petrochemical industries, are very pleased to announce the signing of an agency agreement with each others. NSP, based in Iran, Tehran, is a leading provider for the Oil and Petrochemical Industries in Iran.

The History of Tech Sonic International

Born in the heart of the Oil Sands of Alberta, Canada over fifteen years ago, Tech Sonic International originated as a high-pressure water group specialising in the cleaning of scaffolding. High-pressure water blasting can be extremely dangerous so a directive was initiated to find safer, and ‘greener’ methods or technologies to address the decontamination and cleaning of process items. In 2000, experimentation began in the use of ultrasonic technologies. The premise was simple – use proven sound wave technologies and apply them to industrial-class cleaning applications. Elemental to the company’s growth and development was the participation of two energy giants, Suncor Energy and Syncrude Canada, who spurred Tech Sonic’s growth by providing key process components for use in the testing phases.

The tests were successful, being validated by the Alberta Research Council. Tech Sonic International developed on-site solutions for both Suncor and Syncrude and expanded the service offerings to address the cleaning of pumps, valves, filter systems, packing and demister pads. These managed facilities became the cornerstone of Tech Sonic International, along with several other on-site and off-site situations located domestically and internationally.

Today, Tech Sonic International has grown its’ client applications base outside of Canada and the United States into Europe, East Asia and the Middle East. Tech Sonic is a proud member of the Aligned Ventures Innovative Fund (www.AVIFund.ca) group of companies and has become a leader in the design and engineering of industrial-class heavy contaminant removal solutions. Tech Sonic has designed and installed the largest-scale ultrasonic solutions that have proven to be unmatched in the removal of heavy oils, bitumen, grease and other refinery-grade contaminants that affect mission-critical process components. The company remains committed to the continued development of solutions that will safely impact operational efficiencies at processing facilities and heavy manufacturing sites around the world.