South Pars Phases 20, 21 Refinery Online

13:53 (Monday, March 07, 2016)

The first step to inaugurate the refinery of South Pars gas field’s phases 20 and 21 was taken on Monday

when the first train was launched and the phases’ flare was lit up using the sour gas from phases 6 to 8, said the administrator in charge of the phases.

“Launching the first train’s units and boilers of the refinery to be fed by sweet gas from phases 9 and 10 is underway and after reaching stable conditions, the refinery section becomes ready to receive and process sour gas,” Alireza Ebadi told Shana.
“Turbo compressors along the supply and exit route are being tested,” he added, “The first sweetening train is ready for use and by March 20, processing of sweet gas will start by connecting the refinery’s network to the national gas pipeline.”

He also said that the work for launching the refinery’s second train in underway and that its mechanical completion will be completed by yearend (March 20).

"The third and fourth trains will be ready by August-September which can prepare the conditions for gas input from the phase’s platforms,” Ebadi said.

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