Natural Gas Makes up 80% of Fuel for Running Iranian Power Plants

16:05 (Sunday, April 03, 2016)

National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) is seeking to replace liquid fuels with natural gas for feeding power plants given

the former's abundance and easier access, an NIGC official said, adding the company managed to supply 80% of the plants' fuel needs by natural gas.
Manouchehr Taheri, director of dispatching department of NIGC, told Shana that Iran produced 735 mcm/d of natural gas last year while the record domestic consumption of the product did not exceed 640 mcm/d during winter.
He said despite uneven weather conditions last year, the company never failed to supply gas to the housing sector.

Taheri said consumption of gas in the housing sector and small industries reached nearly half a billion million cubic meters per day last year which ended on March 19.

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