Ultrasonic Cleaning agency

After months of negotiations finally Nivar Sanat Pars Co.(NSP) & Tech Sonic International (TSI), builders of the largest industrial class ultrasonic applications for the Oil and Petrochemical industries, are very pleased to announce the signing of an agency agreement with each others. NSP, based in Iran, Tehran, is a leading provider for the Oil and Petrochemical Industries in Iran.

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new coating on gas turbine

Over the past two years after numerous discussions and meetings in Dubai, Tehran, Seoul and Pohang in order to the new coatings technology for protecting of gas turbine blades during operation with South Korea's electricity research company (KEPCO) as called as KEPRI, finally the preliminary agreement were signed between NSP Co., TurboTech Co. & KEPRI.

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The Preliminary agreement

The Preliminary agreement is done after one year negotiation in many countries like Iran, Germany, Netherland, UAE between NSP Co. & Momtaz Pump & Deep blue. This agreement is about make the infrastructures for manufacturing and assembling of OH&BB pump.

Purchasing & procurement for NIGC-BIDBOLAND

The products delivered for BIDBOLAND refinery:

  • Complete control valve with all accessories (positioner SAMSON valve 4")
  • Valve type:3251-1 var-ID:1005277
  • Complete control valve SAMSON with accessories (Positioner, air regulator, lock up valve)


Agency of NSP Co.

12:30 (Wednesday, February 17, 2016)

Following lengthy talks conducted by the two companies finally we were able to sign a contract whereby the NSP co. as an agent of Tubemac co. in Iran was introduced. 

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Purchasing & Procurement

The main product delivered for South Pars Gas Complex:

  • Purchasing and procuring of AIR BLOWER INCINERATOR PACKAGE's Spare parts for SPGC co.
  • Round bar mat ABS & round bar Poly tetra flouro ethylen mat PTEE & Rund bar structral & constructional steels mat carbon steel CK45 & round bar mat stainless steel.
  • Gate & Globe valve 6" , 8"